Josephine Holleran - Main Profile

In 2003, redundancy was the springboard for a major lifestyle change, and I relocated to beautiful North Yorkshire to embark on a new career in horticulture, subsequently specialising in organic techniques and edible gardens. I participated in a Permaculture Design Course in 2006/2007 in Leeds. This fundamentally changed my outlook, and I was inspired to re-design my life. My first livelihood design project was born in the form of ‘Envy Home and Garden’ a joint business venture with my husband, providing eco-cleaning and organic gardening services in our immediate area.

In 2008, we packed our bags and headed for Central Portugal, in search of a more self-reliant and natural life in the hills. We spent a year or so living and learning in the stunning mountain landscape before returning to the UK much richer in experience.

Between 2009 and 2014, I continued practicing and designing from our North Yorkshire base, working mainly with garden-scale sites and with the aim of introducing the mainstream to Permaculture and expanding the ‘edge.’ I also worked as a Lecturer at a land-based college for a time and produced land-based designs for a vegetarian B&B in Tuscany, Italy.

My Diploma was accredited in Leeds in 2013 and I embarked on my tutor pathway shortly afterwards. I have since relocated to rural South-West France where I am continually designing for all aspects of life and where I will never run out of things to do! More information about my diploma and post-diploma designs may be found on my website.

Telephone number: 
0033 545313281