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Experience, skills and interests
Skills, technical expertise and areas of interest: 

I love Permaculture but honestly found the Diploma very hard. I wanted to be a Tutor to make it an enjoyable experience for others and have found myself in the Diploma Working Group to support this process from the inside.

I have loads of skillls and experineces to offer as Permaculture has been infleuncing my life for nealy three decaeds. Landscape Design. PART III qualified Landscape Architect. Post graduate diploma with commendation in design completed in 1992. I have 10 years work experience as a Landscape Architect mostly working with community groups in North Kent, Manchester and Stoke. Foraging plants. 15 years ago, I was cash poor and purist about eating chemical free food this led to learning about free edible wild plants. I expanded this into foraging into garden plants and have taken many groups and individuals on forage walks in every season. Designing with perennial edibles was a natural extension of this combined with Landscape design. Interests Bush craft. More of an interest. A close friend runs a school in which I have assisted. I reckon I could survive with my basic bushcraft and thrive with my Permaculture skills. I hope it never comes to that! Creative. I have a strong aesthetic sense and spent many years exploring Land and Environment art. I was involved with a number of community projects. Murals, growing willow structures, bonfire sculptures, art from rubbish! Natural Parenting: Birth, pregnancy, natural nurturing, etc. Peoplecare Community development. Most of my work has involved groups of people. Toddlers, school children, young people, youth at risk, special needs, unemployed, homeless, WI, pretty much everyone. Life Coach and Kinesiologist I have worked with individuals and groups since 2005 goal setting and changing beliefs. Community Business coach. This was applied life coaching on a nearly 2 year project working with 'economically inactive' individuals exploring setting up a business. I applied permaculture principles and ethics to this work. Children. I love working with children and have ran Permacultural projects and I spent 2 years running environmental education programmes in schools. I have developed a Children's permaculture curriculum. I recently proposed a Children's artwork project.


Sociocracy. Completed a foundation training Novemeber 2018


Areas of Permaculture Design Experience: 

In a nut shell! I have been passionate about Permaculture for over 25 years. I now spend most of my time as a Forest Garden and Permaculture Designer, Forager, Gardener, Transistioner and Permaculture facilitator. I work with Community groups and individuals. I still consider my most important role is as a mum! 

I worked part time at The amazing Windmill Community Garden project in Margate for nearly three years. I mainly worked with the open community days,  long term unemployed, families and toddlers, children and Well Being sessions. I ran many courses inclusing introductions to Permamculture, basic hoticulture, forest garden sessions, cooking and more. It was a brilliant experience.

I have trained as a Permaculture Tutor, Landscape Architect, Life coach and Kinesiologist which all weave into the Earthcare and Peoplecare projects i am involved with.


Teaching Permaculture

I first facilitated a session in 1993 (with Patrick Whitefield) and have been regularly been giving talks and facilitating the Introductory weekends since. I have facilitated 12 Introductory weekends and assisted on 4 full design course. I have given more public talks and mini workshops on Permaculture than I can remember (at least 50) . I also run workshops in Forest Gardening, Goal setting,  Permaculture for Transition and Zone00. 

Permaculture Land design I have designed around 30 Permaculture gardens including perennial food gardens / forest gardens. Much of my work has been with community groups in Manchester and Kent. The design ethos also informed my work as a Landscape Architect in 100's of other projects. In the last year I have designed 5 Permaculture gardens, a farm, an urban community park and a community food forest. I have been design support for five LAND learner sites and been developing my own homegarden. My garden was awarded a Gold from Kent Wildlife Trust's Wld about Gardens in 2013 and a client received a gold in 2014. 

Other Permaculture experience

Peoplecare: I have been coaching individuals who are 'economically inactive' to explore starting a business combining energy medicine and life coaching. These coaching skills should be useful as a diploma tutor. I have been a Permaculture consultant on a number of community environmental projects. I have run environmental education projects around eco schools, energy, waste, transport, food and planting trees. I have assisted a local bush craft school

  • I have other relevant experience please ask for my CV if you are interested. Observation skills with land and people
  • Foraging wild and garden plants. Its the thing I get asked to do the most.
  • Permacultural life coaching and applied energy medicine.
  • Transition. I kickstarted the Transiton group on Canterbury and started an East kent Transitin gathering. We have got bimonthly Eco-screening going.  
  • Canterbury LETS, founder member.
  • Community Supported Agriculture, experience of all activities in two biodynamically ran projects. Over 7 years I was Grower, harvester, marketing and in core group.
  • Straw bale builds Helped out in four projects, minimally. 
  • Visioning exercises
  • Non violent communication
  • Community development.
  • Art- Murals, growing willow structures, photography
  • Planning for real Environmental educations projects, nature awareness, energy, waste, trees
  • Sensitive Permaculture: working with earth energy and nature spirits
  • Schools. Have been involved with lots of projects with every age group. 2 years running Environmnetal Education programmes. Recently (2013) developed an art proposal to run in schools
  • Children. I have developed a Kids Permaculture curriculum
  • Families. I have been developed Family Permaculture courses 

I am currently involved with an eco. affordable Community housing project.

I am currently on the Diploma woking group supporting the design strategy.

I am currently a Trustee on the Permaculture Association board. I have been involved with reviewing the Vision Mission Aims.

My main permaculture passion (or obsession!) is David Holgren's new work: RetroSuburbia.

Tutorial information
Taking new apprentices?: 
01227 832569 [email protected] [email protected] -my direct email or contact me via my profile on the website
I am willing to travel although prefer students to come to me. Travel expenses
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Type of tutorial offered: 
both group and individual
Offering tutoring in the following geographical areas: 
Bekesbourne near Canterbury, Kent East Kent Kent London Blackpool (I visit usually twice a year) Online
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Canterbury, Kent
United Kingdom
Kent GB