Jo Barker - Main Profile

I have been passionate about Permaculture since 1990. I now spend most of my time as a Forest Garden and Permaculture Designer, Forager, Gardener, Transition-er and Permaculture Teacher/ Facilitator. I joined the Permaculture Association Board as a Trustee in 2018 and a member of the Diploma working group. I work with Community groups and individuals.

I have trained as a Permaculture Tutor, Landscape Architect, Life coach and Kinesiologist which all weave into the Earthcare and Peoplecare projects i am involved with.

I am currently staying and working on the Tree of Life, Vegan Agroforestry Farm.

I have been very interested in Everyday Permaculture and have ran nearly 20 workshops on Home Permaculture inspired by the David Holmgren's wonderful RetroSuburbia book.  I have been supporting the Diploma system by helping design a Foundation module course. I am also supporting a Community Service Award / Permaculture in Action scheme in develpment. I am a bit obseessed with community gardensof which I am involed with a number running sessions. I enjoyed a part time job at The wonderful Windmill Community Garden in Margate for three years working wth families, children, wellbeing and long term employed. I taught basic horticulture and ran many introductory permaculture courses. I also designed and created a beautiful forest garden with the local community.  

In March 2021 I co-started Future Food Forests, designed to create resources for invidiuals, schools and communites.

I am delighted to have been working more recently with Mallards Botanical Garden on the Isle of Man and the National Forest Gardening Scheme amongst others. 


Teaching Permaculture

I first facilitated a session in 1993 (with Patrick Whitefield) and have been regularly been giving talks and facilitating the Introductory weekends since. I have facilitated 13 Introductory weekends, probably over 20 one day introductions and assisted on 4 full design courses. I have given more public talks and mini workshops on Permaculture than I can remember (at least 50). I did 5 last month! I also run workshops in Forest Gardening, Permaculture, Wellbeing, and my own creation of Survive and Thrive 

Permaculture Land design I have designed over 30 Permaculture gardens and 3 farms, This includes perennial food gardens / forest gardens.

A constant thread throughout is working with community groups, mainly in Manchester and Kent. 

The design ethos also informed my work as a Landscape Architect in 100's of other projects. In the last year I have designed 5 Permaculture gardens, a farm, an urban community park and a community food forest. I have been design support for five LAND learner sites and love my own homegarden. My garden and two clients were  awarded Gold from Kent Wildlife Trust's Wild about Gardens. 

My lands projects have developed over this time weaving in being aesthetic, edible, wildlife friendly and healing. 


Being a parent. From natural pregnancy, natural birth, diet, schooling, communication I have been inspired by permacultural thinking. I am not a perfect parent but one who has been fortified by the permaculture journey.

Other Permaculture experience

Peoplecare: I am an Assessment evel Diploma Tutor, a trained Life coach, Kinesiologist (energy medicine practitioner) and have facilitated numerous community projects over many years.

I have been coaching individuals who are 'economically inactive' to explore starting a business combining energy medicine and life coaching. These coaching skills should be useful as a diploma tutor. I have been a Permaculture consultant on a number of community environmental projects. I have run environmental education projects around eco schools, energy, waste, transport, food and planting trees. I have assisted a local bush craft school

  • I have other relevant experience please ask for my CV if you are interested. Observation skills with land and people

  • Foraging wild and garden plants. Its the thing I get asked to do the most. Its usual to find at least 30 edible salad / sou ingredients in every garden, every day of the year. We are foraging nearly 200 in our specially designed permaculture gardens in the early autumn.

  • Permacultural life coaching and applied energy medicine.

  • Transition. I kickstarted the Transition group on Canterbury and started an East Kent Transition gathering. We got a bimonthly Eco-screening going inspired by Passing Clouds.  

  • Canterbury LETS, founder member.

  • Community Supported Agriculture, experience of all activities in two bio-dynamically ran projects. Over 7 years I was Grower, harvester, marketing and in core group. Experience of three different CSAs

  • Straw bale builds Helped out in four projects, minimally. 

  • Visioning exercises

  • Non violent communication

  • Community development.

  • Art- Murals, growing willow structures, photography

  • Planning for real Environmental educations projects, nature awareness, energy, waste, trees

  • Sensitive Permaculture: working with earth energy and nature spirits

  • Schools. Have been involved with lots of projects with every age group. 2 years running Environmental Education programmes. Recently (2013) developed an art proposal to run in schools

  • Children. I have developed a Kids Permaculture curriculum. Nothing as good as the new CiP stuff! 

  • Families. I have been developed Family Permaculture courses 



Telephone number: 
01227 832569
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