Lusi Alderslowe - Diploma Tutor Profile

Experience, skills and interests
Skills, technical expertise and areas of interest: 

Specialising in:
*Urban permaculture,
*Children in Permaculture
*Teaching Permaculture

Also interests and skills in:
*Transition Towns,
*the Work that Reconnects,
*human ecology,
*herb spirals, and
*generally working on the edge!

Areas of Permaculture Design Experience: 

Design Experience mainly in Scotland - lots of urban design, and lots of designs with/including children.

Children-centred designs have included:
Nurture in Nature (an outdoor playgroup for adults and children); a Housing Association garden in Castlemilk; a child-friendly allotment; Gatehouse School's playground and food growing.

Other design experience includes: forest gardens; herb Spirals; Teaching permaculture; The Work that Reconnects workshops; Permaculture Scotland; Transition Towns; Bodhi-SCI Ecovillage; and my permaculture life.

My current design is creating a Peace Garden in Gatehouse School.

Tutorial information
Taking new apprentices?: 
Phone: 01557 814810 or 07787 376475 (though I've no reception at home) Email: [email protected] Also possible to write: Barlay Mill, Gatehouse of Fleet, Kirkcudbrighshire, DG7 2BD
Dumfries and Galloway & Glasgow are easy. Other places nearby including Carlisle, Edinburgh, Ayrshire, are easy. Will travel if convenient for other work/visits (and expenses paid). I don't have a car, but have a bike and a family railcard! Good with Skype and phone tutorials.
Default venue for tutorials: 
Flexible, venue could be my house or other locations suitable to travel.
Type of tutorial offered: 
both group and individual
Offering tutoring in the following geographical areas: 
South and West Scotland. Accosomed to remote working. Happy to work on skype and using google docs etc.
Diploma Tutor Location: 
Gatehouse of Fleet, Dumfries & Galloway
United Kingdom
54° 52' 56.7768" N, 4° 11' 3.174" W
Dumfries & Galloway GB