Tomas Remiarz - Main Profile

Tomas has 20 years experience in permaculture design, teaching and practice, having worked in the UK and various European countries. Over the years, he has been active in many different fields, with an emphasis on the restoration of land, buildings and communities.

Tomas currently lives and works in a rural co-housing project in Herefordshire. Prior to that, he spent 6 years as project manager for a reforestation group in the Pennines and toured the UK and Europe for several years, advising and supporting permaculture and other projects.

Tomas has been a member of the Permaculture Association research working group its beginnings in 2009 and has been active n as a director,chair and member of the Association and of its Research Advisory Board. In his own research work, he has conducted the first comprehensive survey into temperate forest gardens and contributed to the Peramculture Association's forest garden field trial programme.

Diploma tutor profile:

PDC: March 1995, Worcester College of Agriculture, Patrick Whitefield
Diploma: July 1997, Coldstream, Nancy Woodhead, Graham Bell

Telephone number: 
01547 540 461
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