Tomas Remiarz - Diploma Tutor Profile

Experience, skills and interests
Skills, technical expertise and areas of interest: 
  • Permaculture research, especially members research
  • Languages – German (native speaker), some French and Russian
  • Links to European networks
  • Linking permaculture with other subjects - previous examples include art, environmental activism and social engagement
Areas of Permaculture Design Experience: 
  • Forest gardens and other polycultures
  • Permaculture and related courses
  • Community project development and management
  • Ecological restoration, reforestation and woodland management
  • Permacultrue Research projects
  • Participative design and research
  • Project management for land and building projects
  • Temporary sites and event design
Tutorial information
Taking new apprentices?: 
Willing and able. With enough notice (4 weeks or more), cheap travel is easy to arrange, and I can often split costs between several appointments, making it cheaper for apprentices. I currently have clusters of apprentices in the North of England and in London.
Default venue for tutorials: 
At tutor's home; other venues by arrangement
Type of tutorial offered: 
both group and individual
Offering tutoring in the following geographical areas: 
UK, variable Europe
Diploma Tutor Location: 
Leintwardine, Herefordshire
United Kingdom
52° 21' 41.1696" N, 2° 52' 22.3392" W
Herefordshire GB