Graham Bell - Main Profile

I live and work in the Scottish Borders. My wife Nancy and I have created a Forest Garden which is approaching its thirty-first anniversary and provides a great deal of food, fuel and company (wildlife). Our children Ruby and Sandy (now in their thirties) have also been great contributors to developing our house and garden as an energy efficient home place. Sandy is the immediate past Chair of PAB. I have written two books on permaculture, the Permaculture Way and the Permaculture Garden which thousands of people have enjoyed as easy introductions to what permaculture means in a Northern temperate climate and the society that goes with it. I have taught permaculture on six continents. After many years engaging with business and politicians in my work to get these essential principles understood and used by people who govern and direct the world's economies I have returned (2012) to teaching courses and restarted a North Hardy Plant Nursery, specifically designed to support Forest Gardeners. The nursery has now been sold on to Kate Everett at Inverquiech in Perthshire. We welcome invitations to teach elsewhere, and visitors here by arrangement. We have a well developed and successful strategy for teaching online. Full details can be found on my website: or e-mail me at [email protected]

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