jasmine - Main Profile

I have been teaching permaculture and natural building in an off grid context for about 10 years. I am inspired by the intelligence of plants and ecosystems and their enthusiasm to thrive with human attention and care. I am available for general mentoring, teaching on courses and advice in designing in biodiversity and microclimates. My practical workbook, the Permaculture Design Companion, is available from my website and the permaculture online shop. It's a 'fill in the boxes' approach to designing, tailored to your own project, combining analysis, inner work and ecosystem observation. It's the result of many years of teaching and 20 years of applying permaculture to my own life and land and hopefully will help people bring their ideas to a practical and effective reality.
I have a particular interest in observing the subtle signals in ourselves and in landscapes when designing and becoming aware of these processes and integrating them with analytical and objective data.
I have worked with diverse groups, from local authorities, city farms, Finnish farmers, Woodcraft folk to PDCs, schools and many more.

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