Barry Jones - Diploma Tutor Profile

Experience, skills and interests
Skills, technical expertise and areas of interest: 

I aim to approach tutoring as a partnership between the apprentice and the tutor and believe in co designing an alliance. How we want to be and work with one another, what are our needs and how can we make sure our work together flourishes. I work for myself and provide leadership, facilitation, mentoring and coaching on a national programme. The skills and experiences I have developed and continue to develop transfer really nicely into being a tutor. I can tailor and adapt my style based on what you need on your diploma journey.

I have recent experience of struggling to complete my own diploma journey over 7 years and am a master procrastinator if I don’t implement strict systems and patterns. I’m super excited to be available as a tutor and partner with apprentices on their diploma journeys.

Choosing a tutor is a very personal thing. Whilst I offer some info about me on here, I would welcome a chat with you over a cuppa at an event, in person, on the phone or over the internet to see if we are a good match and would like to work together.
I love stacking functions so below is a cut and paste of some skills, technical expertise and areas of interest from a self-assessment I completed earlier at a tutors continuing professional development (CPD) day.

• I have extensive experience of using a self-assessment tools to assess strengths
and areas for development. E.g., Johari Window, 360-degree appraisal tools, tree of
life, and an array of person-centred tools.
• Designed a national leadership self-assessment tool
• I’m a professional facilitator.
• I provide leadership mentoring and coaching on a national programme
• I have tweaked a Coaching framework to use as a permaculture design framework
• Developing skills and experience in compassionate communication / Non-violent
communication is helping me to be clear on observations, perceptions / opinions /
judgements and expressing my own feelings, needs and making requests of
• I am a restorative conference facilitator, and often mediate where harm has been
caused and professional or community relationships need to be repaired and
• I provide feedback in a professional capacity and I’m confident in providing design
support and advice.
• I’ve attended registration and assessment level tutor training and a cpd sessions in
12 months. in the past 12.
• I’m an active member of the diploma working group - involved in strategy review
and redesign.
• I’m a qualified in quality programme management (PM), good knowledge of various
PM tools and approach. I’ve designed prioritisation tools to support where to focus
time, energy and effort in permaculture designs.
• My professional roles have helped me develop strong communication and
interpersonal skills.
• I feel confident in my coaching skills to provide a safe space for apprentices to
‘unstick’ themselves.

Areas of Permaculture Design Experience: 

Here's some examples of my permaculture designs.

Diploma Tutor Pathway Design
Diploma learning pathway
Research Project
Designing an Introduction to permaculture Course
Designing and building a Cob Oven
Coproducing a Preparing for adulthood strategy (using permaculture design in the public sector)
My right livelihood design
Chris's Zone 00 Design
English Channel Solo Swim Design
Back of an envelope design – How can get my diploma ready to accredit!
Proposal priorisation tool
Responding to the global pandemic – moving our training on line
Compassionate communication learning pathway

Here's a link to my Designer CV I produced for my diploma portfolio. I accredited in 2020.

Here's a link to my Diploma Portfolio, please feel free to take a look if you feel called to.

I used word, PowerPoint, video and a back on an A3 (virtual) envelope to present my designs in my portfolio.

Tutorial information
Taking new apprentices?: 
[email protected] 07712061491
I do travel across the county for work and we may be able to arrange a face to face near you if the time and dates works for us all.
Default venue for tutorials: 
Home in Selby or via Zoom
Type of tutorial offered: 
both group and individual
Offering tutoring in the following geographical areas: 
Anywhere via Zoom or face to face in Selby, Yorkshire or at a event or gathering. I am just starting to deliver tutorials and hope to be working with a few apprentices so we can co-design an apprentices guild and regular support system that may include individual and group tutorials to support you on your diploma journey.
Diploma Tutor Location: 
Selby, North Yorkshire
United Kingdom
53° 46' 55.0848" N, 1° 4' 2.4024" W
North Yorkshire GB