Josh Gomez - Main Profile

Joshua got involved with Permaculture in 2005. In April 2009 he organised and attended a PDC in central Portugal taught by Lesley Martin. He was accredited for the UK Permaculture Diploma in 2011 and since then has been teaching at various locations in Europe. He has a natural talent of working with people from all walks of life, a deep understanding of our ecosystem and Permaculture design principles, and is a pleasant and inspiring person.
He prefers the title educator rather than a teacher, as he is more concerned with helping people to unlock their own passions and skills, enabling them to also to become educators of the things they are inspired by through Permaculture.

​His previous experience of working with adults and children in performing and teaching circus skills make the course as informative, enriching and supportive as possible. His approach of integrating games and group challenges in the course program reflects his joyful and playful personality. Joshua uses a wide range of teaching methods such as videos, observation exercises, digital presentations, practical activities, discussion/constructive debate, games, whiteboard design sessions, guided walks and working in small groups.

He is passionate about facilitating his PDC courses and helping people attain their dreams by creating their ideal habitats through designing and implementing abundant Permaculture landscapes, as well as meeting many amazing people along the way to share and learn together.

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