Cathrine Dolleris - Main Profile

I am dedicated to preserving life supporting systems in nature and in society.

I am a permaculture diploma tutor, based in Denmark, and I currently have diploma apprentices in six different countries. My main areas are organisation, communication, natural building and sustainable living. Teaching permaculture has become a big part of my livelihood. I teach 3-4 PDCs per year and teach Teacher Trainings and do intro-courses and talks and forest garden workshops.

I'm active in the Danish Association on the board of trustees and implement a Danish LAND (Learning, Activities, Network, Demonstration) project and help LAND networks start in other countries. I represent diploma holders in the Education working group and in the Nordic Permaculture Institute. I do fundraising for permaculture nationally and internationally.

My background in geography, extensive travels and working within governmental and non-governmental sectors has given me experiences with especially poverty, gender, community development, ethnic minorities and the environment in a global context.

I took an interest in permaculture first time in South Africa in 2000 while working with Zulu farmers and have studied and applied permaculture principles in my later work in Nepal and Vietnam. I have also worked as a consultant evaluating and documenting rural development projects including permaculture projects and Farmer Field Schools. In early 2010, the time was finally ripe for me to take the permaculture design course in New Zealand. Permaculture has been since then become my livehood.

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