Tom Henfrey - Diploma Tutor Profile

Experience, skills and interests
Skills, technical expertise and areas of interest: 

My main priority as a diploma tutor is cultivating niches in my specialised areas of research and shamanism. I am particularly interested in working with apprentices engaged in either or both of those (or closely related) fields.
My main areas of technial expertise include:

  • Social and social-ecological research
  • Documentary research and literature review
  • Shamanic journeying as a design tool
  • Event and process facilitation
Areas of Permaculture Design Experience: 
  • Project Design
  • Zone 00/Life Design
  • Allotment Gardening
  • Zone 000
  • Learning events
  • Community processes
Tutorial information
Taking new apprentices?: 
Email through my website profile or the contact form on my personal website.
Within Portugal
Default venue for tutorials: 
At my smallholding in central Portugal, or on Zoom.
Type of tutorial offered: 
both group and individual
Offering tutoring in the following geographical areas: 
Portugal and remotely.
Diploma Tutor Location: 
39° 42' 24.336" N, 8° 23' 22.65" W