James Chapman - Main Profile

I work as a permaculture teacher, diploma tutor and consultant. I love designing large complex sites but also have professional experience with community gardens and small scale intensive systems.
My background is in music, art and sustainability which makes for a colourful, participatory and memorable learning experience. My courses are fun and relaxed, which allows time for the students to absorb the information and participate fully in an exchange of learning. I'm particularly interested in including people who have English as their second language and those who like to learn through doing, watching, talking and interacting.
I am a keen promoter of living and working towards a sustainable and regenerative future and am one of Scotland’s busiest permaculture teachers.
I organise the nonstuff festivals, run a mobile sauna and play in bands. See www.nonstuff.co.uk for full details on everything I get up to.

Telephone number: 
07790 265883
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