Projects and LAND Network

Woodland is a Physical Element/Feature at -

Abundant Earth
Smallholding near Durham City managed as a workers coop
Achentoot Permaculture
fledgling permaculture based home in the far North of Scotland
Image of Action West Loch
Action West Loch
Achieve rich biodiversity in Action West Loch and a high level of wellbeing amongst its people
Black Isle Permaculture and Arts
Ecological Living, Learning and Accommodation in the Highlands
Braziers Park School of Integrative Social Research
An intentional community and education centre with 55 acres organic grounds & permaculture examples
image of Bioregion Clyde: The Gallus Bioregion
Clyde Bioregion
Bioregioning is understanding our place and caring for all those who live in it.
Ecodiy Eco DIY ecohouse
Permaculture Land Center
Fartown Forest Garden
Fartown Forest Garden
Kintyre Bioregional
Developing rural livelihoods in Kintyre
Lackan Cottage Farm
Lackan Cottage Farm
Permaculture off grid smallholding