Abundant Earth Intern Position

Here at Abundant Earth we are now looking for our next volunteer Intern. This is an exciting opportunity and only comes up once in a blue moon.

As Ali, our outgoing Intern recently said “the experience has been enriching, full of practical learning and lots of fun. It has been inspiring and empowering with plenty of meaningful interactions”. Ali is now moving on (but staying with us) to join our new Green Incubator programme to start her own green business. (More about that other exciting development in future posts)

Information and Application Forms about the Intern position are available from Wilf. You just need to email me at [email protected] and I'll send the details. The Intern will ideally start from May 1st 2019 and the deadline for applications is April 23rd.

Being an Intern with us is a bit like being a wwoofer with us in the way that we provide all of your food, accomodation, cooking facilities, bedding and other basic needs. The difference is that we are looking for someone who has had previous wwoofing or similar experience and is wanting to take their learning to the next level by being with us for a chunk of time. We expect the successful applicant to be with us for 6 months up to sometime in Oct 2019.

The role involves a diversity of learning through doing activities including growing veg, fruit and salad, supporting activities in the hen area and green building tasks including working with straw and wood. You will also be part of our land community with a weekly shared meal.

On top of providing all of your basic needs we also provide an expenses budget of up to £50 a week if you do not have your own savings to rely on so you can support yourself with any additional needs that you have.

If you are interested then get in touch via email asap, or maybe you know someone that this role would suit then please pass on the information.

Contact email: 

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