Who can award our Permaculture Design Course certificates?

Educator Member Teachers who have successfully applied and registered on our register can give out our permaculture design certificates. 

This logo will appear next to a teachers course listings if a teacher is CTR registered.

Certifying Teachers Register Guidelines

Permaculture is all about taking responsibility and as teachers we need to ensure the best experience for learners and teachers. Therefore these guidelines outline the Certifying Teachers Register (CTR) recommendations for educators that have been approved to issue Permaculture Association certificates for the Permaculture Design Course (PDC). They were created by the Education Working Group (EWG), a voluntary and independent working group whose aim is to improve the quality of permaculture education.


What is the Certifying Teachers Register (CTR)?

The CTR is an international list of teachers who are able to certify their Permaculture Design Courses (PDCs) using the Permaculture Association official PDC certificate. The list is overseen by the Education Working Group, and used by the Permaculture Association to respond to requests for Permaculture Association PDC certificates.

The CTR teachers are independent teachers outside of the Permaculture Association and not employed by the Permaculture Association. 

Our guidelines ensure that those on the register, i.e. those giving out our certificates are suitably qualified to teach and are able to deliver the required content to an agreed standard. 

These CTR guidelines are to support our certified educators to teach responsibly,and can also be used by students to ensure the course they are attending matches their needs. We encourage students to communicate with their course leader about any particular needs they have, prior to attending a course. 

If you have attended a course taught by one of our certified educators and you would like to discuss your experience, if appropriate please first and foremost contact the person responsible for your course and provide them with your feedback. Please feel free to use these guidelines in your communications with your lead educator.

If you are unable to resolve issues directly with the lead educator and need further assistance here is a link to our complaints procedure


All applicants must apply as either 'certified' or 'practitioner'.

Teachers: please read the details and use the CTR forms at the bottom of this page to apply.


Certified Route:

Meet one from Column A

And one from Column B

Educators Membership of the Permaculture Association

Have a Permaculture Diploma from a Diploma system recognised by the Permaculture Association Diploma Working Group

Have a teaching qualification such as Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS, AET) or similar

Highly recommended: Permaculture teacher training course


Practitioners Route:

Essential: Meet one from Column A

Meet one from Column B

Educators Membership of the Permaculture Association  

You must be an existing PDC graduate

Have a teaching qualification such as Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS , AET) or similar

You are responsible for a LAND or iLAND centre or similar*

Or have taught at some level on at least 5 PDCs

Have a Permaculture Diploma from a Diploma system recognised by the Permaculture Association Diploma Working Group

Highly recommended: Permaculture teacher training course

*Similar = You are / have been responsible for a substantive and public facing permaculture project for a period of at least 2 years and can send documentation of this. 


Ongoing requirements:

To stay on the register, teachers need to:

  • Have a current Educator Membership from the Permaculture Association
  • Have filled out and submitted the most recent PDC Core Curriculum Checklist in respect of their PDC's timetabled content (the checklist will be updated annually or longer, in response to discussions with teachers and others).


From January 2020, joining the CTR will be included as part of the educator membership. This was proposed by the Education Working Group due to the amount of resources managing the register takes up and was reviewed by Certified Teachers. 


Additionally, we recommend our certified teachers fulfil the following requirements: 

Barriers to participation - Treat all learners equitably and according to need regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, chronic illness/disability, or sexual orientation

Have up to date first aid course training (or have 1 first aid trained team member on site)

Have a mental health first aid certificate (or have 1 MH first aid trained team member on site), or have experience / training in supporting people through challenging and emotional experiences. Free courses are available on coursera and future learn

Have an up to date and appropriate safeguarding certificate. This is obligatory if working with children or vulnerable people.

Have an up to date Health & Safety policy in place.

To partake in continuous professional development (CPD) to ensure current and up to date information is shared, and attend Permaculture Teacher Training as often as is practicable. Please see the course listings page, and search for ‘Teacher Training’ . 

Respect local policies and procedures where appropriate. 

Have gathered voluntary and confidential information about their course participants relating to health conditions, accessibility needs and/ or their emotional wellbeing and according to GDPR.

Have completed risk assessments of the teaching environment in relation to the course participant needs. 

Kitchen / catering facilities / catering staff, where at least one member of staff needs to have a food hygiene certificate, and the food should be ethically considered. (EHO compliancy requirements in the UK).

That the certified teacher needs to be present for the majority of the course.  

That assistant teachers / facilitators should be working towards registering on the CTR and should be supported for most of their teaching. 

The lead educator should seek agreement & establish expectations and procedures on the first day of the course.  

Personal assistants should be offered free spaces in order to help a person that may have a barrier to participation.


Permaculture Design Course Certificates Policy Guidelines

Permaculture Association Permaculture Design Course (PDC) certificates are only given out by the Permaculture Association to people on the Permaculture Association Certifying Teacher’s Register (CTR).


Why have a policy?

This policy has been created to meet the need of ensuring that teachers offering Permaculture Association (PA) certified Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) courses have the experience required to deliver the courses effectively.


Policy formation history

This policy was developed in 2013 and 2014, then sent out for consultation to teachers and the Permaculture Association Board of Trustees in 2014. In 2015 it was extensively updated following the comments received. In 2019 this policy has been updated to include recommended guidelines by the voluntary Education Working Group and through consultation with teachers via the 2019 educators meeting. 


How can a teacher get onto the Certifying Teachers Register?

This is a service for our members, so firstly become a member of the Permaculture Association if you are not already. Consider joining the enhanced membership for teachers, with specialist support, an education portal and regular online discussions - our Educators' Membership.



How to apply?

Please complete 2 forms below:

1. The Teacher's core curriculum checklist

2. The Application form

3. Plus, send a copy of your PDC timetable to [email protected]. The application form is saved in 2 formats - only complete one. 


PDF icon pdf.core_curriculum-teachers_check_list_v2_march2018.pdf

Microsoft Office document icon pdccor1.doc

File ctr_application_form_-_checklist.doc.odt

PDF icon ctr_application_form_-_checklist.doc.pdf