Permaculture for Professionals

Summary information

In this course we will apply ecological thinking & permaculture to the design of effective organizations that sustainably manage their spaces and resources. Join a group of international design consultants and together explore how we can apply the rules that make natural systems so productive to the workplace, changing how organizations plan, organize, make decisions, manage resources, and respond to change. Applying ecosystemic understanding can catalyze the transformation towards a future where humans have a regenerative impact on the planet and simultaneously better quality of life.

Curriculum Includes
- Principles of ecology, natural patterns & applications
- Design tools from: permaculture, ecological design thinking, systems science
- Workplace, social, and organizational applications
- Sustainable resource management: water, soil, energy, people
- Design exercises and case studies

About the Venue
Quinta do Vale da Lama, located near the south coast of Portugal, has been implementing Permaculture for 8 years. Camping accomodation with hot showers, indoor classroom & dining, vegetarian local/organic meals included in the tuition. More info:

About the Facilitators
The course is taught a by a diverse team including our local permaculture teacher, Lesley Martin from Transition Monchique, with 15 years' teaching experience, Hugo Oliveira from ORLA Design with an MA in Ecological Design Thinking, and Mirka Hlavacova, from the Vale da Lama education team.

Booking and further information
Telephone number: 
(+351) 965 738 576
Dates and times
10 June 2018 to 17 June 2018
Lesley Martin, Hugo Oliveira and Mirka Hlavacova
Venue information

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