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Common Questions

In this video, Nim and Arnaud explore some of the common questions apprentices have about the diploma. You can also download the script of the conversation as a pdf.



How the Diploma is changing

If you have been an apprentice since before autumn 2020, this video sumarises the important changes we have made in the diploma system.



Confused by Diploma jargon? Use this image by Katie Shepherd to see Diploma terminology. Terms are explained in the Glossary available as a download below.

If you have a suggestion for other terms to include please


Be the diploma you want to see!

The diploma is a collaborative space where apprentices, tutors and Association staff come together to make it the best possible learning experience. You can get involved:

  • Share your designs in the Design Library. This will inspire and encourage others to have a go at designing themselves. It will also make people aware that you are an active designer, and may help you find new clients
  • Give feedback about your diploma experience to the Association office
  • Use the newsletter to share tips on designing and documenting your work, or thoughts about the joys and pains of your diploma journey
  • Get involved in the lively discussions on the diploma facebook page
  • Join the Diploma Working Group, where most of the development work goes on
  • Offer specific skills to create resources like videos or graphics

How to keep going

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep the momentum of going through the diploma. This happens to most apprentices, and there are many ways to address this challenge. Here, tutor Carla Moss explains some of the underlying patterns and how you can work with them.


Another challenge for many apprentices is the documentation of their work. Helen White shares some tips from her own diploma journey.


Where's my tutor?

Can't reach your tutor? If you have repeatedly tried but not heard from your tutor, let us know and we will see if we can help.



PDF icon Elements of the Diploma - Glossary