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Apprentice Forms & Docs

The following two documents will be useful reading if you have joined the diploma after 1st September 2020, or if you have informed the office and your tutor that you are switching to the new system. If you are continuing in the previous systems, please use the pre-2020 documents further below.

  • Diploma Guidebook 2020 (download below)

Hopefully all your questions answered in one handy guide.

  • Fees Guide 2020 (download below)

This document specifies the costs for being on the diploma pathway and for tutorials, and gives some examples of overall costs depending on the level of support you receive.


The assessment process and associated forms are not changing, so they will be relevant to you whenever you started. The Guide to Criteria has been updated by the Senior Tutor Group and is also applicable to all routes, regardless of your start date.  

  • Individual Design Assessment Form (download below)

Your tutor will use this form to look at any individual designs you submit. You can also use it to self-assess designs before submitting them.

  • Interim Portfolio assessment (IPA) form (download below)

Your tutor will fill in this form to give feedback on the first five designs as a whole.  You can also use it to self-assess your portfolio at the halfway stage before submitting your designs.

  • Guide to Criteria

Information on how your work will be assessed. Recommended reading when finishing your design documentation, and essential before the formal assessment stages!

If you registered for your diploma before September 2020 and are still on one of the previous pathways, please use the pre-2020 Diploma Guidebook (download below) as your trusty guide to navigating the Diploma.

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PDF icon Course Prospectus
PDF icon How the Diploma works
PDF icon Elements of the Diploma - glossary
PDF icon Diploma Guidebook 2020
PDF icon Fees Guide 2020
PDF icon Individual Design Assessment Form - relevant to all
Microsoft Office document icon Interim Portfolio Assessment Form - relevant to all
PDF icon Guide to Criteria - relevant to all
PDF icon Pre-2020 Diploma Guidebook - only for apprentices registered before September 2020