Resources section

All Events Dates Tickets: Online / f2f? Nearest town
Building Resilience Camps 08/07/2022 Face to face

THE ECO-nomics of Permaculture- Project Masterclass 13/07/2022 Event is online

London Permaculture Festival 2022 24/07/2022 Face to face

Projects and LAND Online Gathering- Peek behind the Curtain at the Hidden Mill 27/07/2022 Event is online

Diploma Network Monthly Online Gatherings 28/07/2022 Event is online

The Nordic Permaculture Festival 2022 04/08/2022 Face to face

Restoring Eden 08/08/2022 Face to face

Running a Successful Event at Your Project- Project Masterclass 10/08/2022 Event is online

Projects and LAND Online Gathering- Plants for a Future 31/08/2022 Event is online

UK Permaculture Convergence 2022: Save the Date 08/09/2022 Face to face

Educators Gathering 2022 08/09/2022 Face to face

Paramaethu Cymru Summer Gathering 2022 09/09/2022 Face to face

Creating and Sharing Project Videos- Project Masterclass 14/09/2022 Event is online

Projects and LAND Online Gathering- Think Like a Tree 28/09/2022 Event is online

Telling Your Project Stories- Project Masterclass 12/10/2022 Event is online

Projects and LAND Gathering- Re-creating the Commons at Warland Eco-growing 26/10/2022 Event is online

Designing an Accessible Therapeutic Garden- Project Masterclass 09/11/2022 Event is online

Projects and LAND Online Gathering- Using Art and Permaculture to Deepen a Connection with the Natural World 30/11/2022 Event is online

Marketing Your Project- Projects Masterclass 14/12/2022 Event is online

Projects and LAND Online gathering- Permaculture and Mental Health 28/12/2022 Event is online

Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Project- Project Masterclass 11/01/2023 Event is online