Zone 1 Herb and flower bed & Web of Principles

Location: our front yard, Leintwardine, Herefordshire
Client: Myself/ Our household
Started: Spring 2017
Implemented: Throughout 2017; ongoing
Themes: Household; Zone 1; Polyculture; Design Theory

Herb and flower bed

The herb and flower bed was an opportunistic and iterative design addressing a specific opportunity within our household. It was a satisfying way of turning a problem (unused and underapprciated space in the middle of our community) into a solution (a productive and more pleasing space that fitted in with the way we use the surrounding area. The central principle for this design was to "allow systems to demonstrate their own evolution" (Mollison, Designers Manual)

The Web of Principles emerged in parallel with the design itself as an incremental design process that can be applied to many situations. I look forward to using and refining it in future designs. The design report contains a description of the design and establishment process as well as a review of the Web of Principles, with thougths on how it could be developed further.

PDF icon herb_bed_-_design_report.pdf2.47 MB