Structural Planting Plan

Garden design for a 2000 m2 garden neighbouring a National Park, with views to the north over lowland heathland. To provide food-growing space and retain theviews of the wilderness. To protect vegetable garden from wildlife. To mix formal design with functionality. To attract, add and support biodiversity.

Very Acid, sandy free-draining soil (pH 4-5) neighbouring a lowland coastal heath. Features 27 fruit and nut trees, aromatic medicinal and cullinary herbs, for kitchen and also to ward off mosquitos which are prolific on this site, hence no water included in the design. Mandala vegetable garden, with asparagus and strawberry beds, fruit cage with redcurrants, blueberry, gooseberry and raspberry, large chicken enclosure, formal garden entrance area planted with a formal orchard of six apple trees, mixed native deciduous hedging, and edible hedging species, wildflower meadow, Walnut guild, Forest garden areas

Other Designers (not members of PA): 

Marcus BUSBY