Red Oaks

I chose to design our house and garden for my Permaculture Design certificate in 2009, see the plan below. The overlay, also below, shows a wood burning stove to be installed, a barn and polytunnel to be built and a pond/wildlife zone to be established. The garden was designed to take wet wood to a drying area at the side of the house for chopping and storage in the barn before being used in the wood burning stove. The polytunnel was intended to extend the growing season and to grow tender crops not otherwise possible in Argyll. The pond and wildlife area were to encourage more wildlife, The final plan was produced when I applied to be a Land Centre in 2019. For this, I was asked to update the original plan and to show the changes we had made to the garden that differed from the 2009 design and to explain why. John and I built the barn and polytunnel ourselves and John designed and installed the rainwater irrigation system from the house roof gutters to the polytunnel.