Organisational Design - Designing a Community Tree Nursery

A design for a community tree nursery project. I facilitated the creation of this organisation in 2008 and it is still running today as a CIC, with two sites operational. A good example of group work and community involvement. KEYWORDS ORGANISATION COMMUNITY PROJECT TREE NURSERY COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY

This design uses SADIM to work through the process of designing an organisation from the first community meeting through setting up a site and a 5 year action plan to creating a business plan and becoming a CIC.
My Top Tips from this design for a Community Group Design

 Maintain the momentum of the design by creating a practical focus early on.
 Use tools such as meetings, brainstorms, open discussions and questionnaires to ensure everyone has an opportunity to contribute.
 Take notes of discussions, however informal, to make it easier to track the progress of the design

Apologies, I have not yet been able to upload the complete design, but message me if you would like me to send it to you. I also have a second related design - Coeden Fach Tree Nursery Design which is a land design focused on setting up the site, this is available to view on this website.

Other Designers (not members of PA): 

Coeden Fach Community Tree Nursery