No-Dig For Victory Garden

Dig-For Victory for the 21st century...
Location: Fowey, Uk. Client: Own garden. Start date: 2019, Finish date: 2020. Themes: Food Forest, Edible Landscape, Edible Forest Garden, Edimental, Perennial crops.

Food Forest concept created in Fowey, scaled down appropriately, using the combination of principles used in Edible Landscaping. Every single implemented plant is edible. Garden is comprised mostly of perennial edible planting schemes with some annual beds. The goal is to grow as much sustainably produced, organic food as possible in an ecological way with minimal maintenance. The result is a Willy Wonka-esc, Food Forest, ecosystem that supplies a diverse range of fruits, salads, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and more. All the beds in the garden were created using a No-Dig method and the garden also contains bug hotels and bird boxes. An ecological garden that is also highly productive. Feature plants include; Brassica oleracea (wild cabbage,) Zingiber mioga (hardy ginger) and Morus matsunaga (dwarf mulberry.)

Edible Landscape using a combination of Edible Forest Gardening and conventional garden design methods. - Providing a hugely diverse range of fruit and veg from perennial crops and a few annuals with only a couple of hours maintenance a month. The garden also provides food and habitats for pollinators.

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