My right livelihood design

This design came about through necessity. The job role I was doing was going to be deleted through a service restructure and I was at risk of redundancy. Interestingly, I had been thinking about completing a right livelihood design since starting my diploma in applied permaculture but never got around to it. So, when the restructure was looking highly likely, I decided to draw on permaculture ethics, principles, design frameworks and tools to help me consciously work through my situation.

you can find the design via the link to my google drive here:

Why I want to do this design:
I want to take an informed decision about my future working life and how I earn money. I want to use permaculture ethics, principles and design to ensure the decision I reach is a conscious one. I also hope that it will help me with understanding my current situation and come to peace with it as I'm pretty pissed off! In fact, I'm fucking furious at times!

How this design helps me achieve my intended outcomes for the diploma (Taken from my diploma learning pathway)
My intended outcomes of completing the diploma are:
To design and implement positive change in the way our family ‘works, rests and plays’
To gain practical hands on experience
To become fluent in permaculture design tools and processes from the design phase through to the practical application and implementation.

This design will help me to gain practical hands on experience of being the 'designer' and the 'client'. It will also help me to 'take control' over the current situation and design and implement how I earn an income to support the family.

Ethics: Earth Care, People Care & Fair Share
I intend to make sure that I look through the lenses of each of the three-permaculture ethics during the design.

Given the importance of this design I intend to look through the lens of a range of some permaculture principles to aid my thinking and understanding of the current situation I find myself in.

During this design I will intentionally use:
A design process (GROWER) that I tweaked from GROW;
What are you going to do by when?
Evaluation (the design evaluation – client feedback – monitoring data etc.)
Reflection (as a designer on your own learning)

GROW – Is a coaching approach I am familiar with and use in my professional capacity. Given that this design is about how I earn a living to support the family and I believe I have the capacity to find the solutions from within, using a coaching approach feels right to me. I have developed it further to use in a permaculture design context by adding the 'E' &' R' as detailed above.
Some person-centered tools (what’s working, what’s not working / important to, important for)
Input – output analysis
Permaculture principles and ethics

The Design will be complete when:
Whilst time is a constraint in this design – the redundancy clock is ticking. However, to make sure I don't rush into anything I built a pause into the design, between waves one and two.

Wave One: to explore my Goal and Reality of the GROWER process. This will be completing client interviews with myself and client conversations with my wife and children. I will also complete a financial input / output analysis.
PAUSE! Try not to think about the design – create space – go for a surf, meditate, have fun with the family – take my mind off the current situation if I can.
Wave two: I will explore the Options and decide What I am going to do in the GROWER approach.
Wave three: I will implement my design
Wave four: I will complete the Evaluation (the design evaluation / client feedback) and Reflection (as a designer on your own learning) of the GROWER approach and will have fully written up the design.

Design end date:
Wave one will start September 2017 and finish October 2017, wave two will start November 2017 and finish in December 2017, Wave three End of March 2018. Wave four – well I didn't have a clue about that I just wanted to crack on with the design. There's that pattern again!

Full design available here: