LILAC Landscape Team

This design took place within the context of the LILAC Landscaping design. For a fuller understanding of this design, read that one first.

This design's aims were to establish a new landscaping team at LILAC Cohousing, make them aware of the project's obligations (planning conditions, tree constraints etc) and get them started with some design tasks.

LILAC Landscape team design: area coordinator roles description

The design brief explains what this design covers:

  • Establish a new Landscape Team drawn from LILAC's members. Transfer some information, decision-making & budget allocation power to them from the Development Group.
  • Appoint members to area coordination roles to delegate design authority, promote individual accountability, and ensure that all areas of the site are covered.
  • Support area coordinators to develop their design skills
  • Ensure that area coordinators consult with the entire membership on their designs.
  • Ensure the team complies with planning conditions & associated recommendations.
  • Make the process inclusive for people with a range of skill levels/working styles.

See the attached PDF design report for more details. For best results, download it and view it in full screen like a powerpoint slide deck.

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Other Designers (members of PA):