LILAC Design Workshop

This design took place within the context of the LILAC Landscaping design. For a fuller understanding of this design, read that one first.

This design's aims were to design & deliver a workshop for all members to contribute to the design of the shared landscaping at LILAC.

This design also relates to the LILAC Landscape Team design: preparation for, and attendance at this workshop were some of the next steps for the team that was formed as an outcome of that design.

Lilac all-member landscape design workshop

This project sought to design and deliver a workshop to consult LILAC members on our shared landscape assets and involve them in the design process in a meaningful way.

The workshop employed several activities and meeting/facilitation methods:

See the attached PDF design report for more details. For best results, download it and view it in full screen like a powerpoint slide deck.

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Other Designers (members of PA):