Learning Pathway 2021

My Diploma Tutor Learning Pathway Plan & Portfolio of Practice as part of my Continuing Professional Development

"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin." - Tony Robbins
Celebrating the possibilities of 2021 with a new Learning Design, utilizing the permaculture toolkit for the art of manifestation through conscious design.

Download : https://www.dropbox.com/s/c5zrwdo1ytqc8aj/Delvin%20Learning%20Design%202...

Grateful to be on the permaculture path, a learning journey of evolution, service and meaning. This document symbolizes my commitment to becoming better as a designer, tutor and mentor. It represents core work being done primarily in the context of training as a Diploma Tutor through the Permaculture Association with Tutor Looby Macnamara, as part of a Post-Doc in permaculture education with Larry Santoyo of the The Permaculture Academy , and training as Diploma Mentor through the Permaculture Institute

Highly recommend the Diploma along with any other design driven learning pathway with permaculture for those seeking flexible structure to deepen their practice of permaculture in life, landscape or livelihood.

Thanks to the extraordinary Brenna Quinlan for the art that illustrates this design.

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