Family Garden Derby

A design I did for a family where they already knew quite a lot about growing food, the garden was long and has several defined areas already. My design maximized on what was there already and also gave them an implementation plan to 'future proof' the garden. One area where I focused the first phase of an implementation plan was for the space directly in front of the kitchen, to maximize use for entertaining, eating out and growing salads and fruit. A lovely project with some lovely people open to new ideas.

Redsign of the lawn area for the family

The garden had an large area of lawn, so part of the long term plan is to make more and more of this productive as the kids grow up. I also wanted the area near the house to be productive and beautiful to look at from the house and from the eating entertaining area. The client had great knowledge and skills in growing food, so it was more about introducing the idea of perennial foods and including food growing in all areas of the garden. They had a lovely wildlife pond so my design made the most of that as an area for contemplation and relaxation.
I'm based in South Derbyshire and they had a lovely town house in Derby, I can't wait to see how they are coming on with their garden in 2021.

full design