A design for conscious optimism

The design is inspired by the overwhelming events of 2020 and the way they have been presented to us.
The idea was to use permaculture methods, tools, frameworks to design myself out of the constant bombardment of toxic content (mainstream media). Stuff that's causing a low (or sometimes high) but almost constant level of anxiety around our future.
To redesign my “inner garden”.

The original format of the design is in Google Docs, to help sharing and collaboration. It can be viewed and interacted with here:

The goal is to relieve this doom and gloom, this constant pressure, this constant dread, whether it's political, pandemic or climate related. This can have a paralysing effect on our creativity: we don't feel like learning anything new, starting anything new, creating anything new. It puts us into an unhelpful spiral, a state of moaning and submission.
Using the “inner garden” metaphor makes even more sense when we think of it in permaculture terms, like inputs (what do we let into our minds, what do we feed it?), resources (family, friends, allies, the internet, books, courses), patterns (bad habits, good habits, relationships), yield (quality time) and ethics:
Earth care - a healthy inner garden=active, more efficient representative of Earth
People care - better relationships, improved social environment
Fair share - a cultivator of a healthier “inner garden” has more (presence, time, ideas) to give/share

On a personal level my goal is to redefine the relationship and interaction between me as a system and my surrounding systems, the systems I’m a part of (family, society, political and economical systems) as they have a direct impact on my mood, my health, my wellbeing and in turn my impact on these systems is dependant on the relationships with them.